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Why do you need these services?

The need to properly manage risk prevention is as unquestionable as that of any other management area key to a company's stability and productivity. Apart from being an employer’s legal obligation, which may result in very negative consequences, such as punitive and criminal sanctions, it has a very direct influence on increasing productivity, a company’s reputation and brand image value.

In addition to meeting legal requirements, the content of the services offered by IBERMUTUAMUR PREVENTION COMPANY is aimed at meeting these objectives through the improvement of working conditions and the integration of Prevention in company management systems.

These services are divided into two main areas: TECHNICAL SPECIALISMS AND MEDICAL SPECIALISMS

Safety at Work
Industrial hygiene
Ergonomics and Psychology/sociology
Occupational Health
Health Surveillance

• We assign a Prevention Technician to each company who is responsible for guaranteeing the service benefits either directly and/or in coordination with other specialists.

• We put together an Annual Program of preventive Activities agreed with management, and develop the activities according to that timetable.

• We prepare a Prevention Services annual report, which covers all the activities carried out during the year.

An initial analysis of the statistical information on accidents in the company.

•Visits to workplaces.

• Ambient noise, temperature and humidity measurements.

• Case studies which are particularly sensitive to certain occupational hazards.

• Preparation of the documentation required by law.

• Performances tailored to specific needs

• Accident investigation.

• Customised training courses.

• Verification of Prevention integration

• Accompanying visits to a work inspection.

• Expert Participation in the company's health and safety committees.

• Advice for the development and implementation of procedures.

• Advice on the coordination of business activities. .

• Technical and legal advice in Labour Inspectorate proceedings.
• We assign a physician specialising in Occupational Medicine responsible for the management of the activities to be performed.

• We carry out health examinations in our centres or mobile units, based on medical protocols specific to each job, according to the timetable agreed with the company.

• We conduct additional tests as necessary for a comprehensive health surveillance.


- Health activities planning.

- Development of medical protocols for each job.

- Epidemiological reporting.

- Analysis of absence for health reasons.

- Health Promotion.

- Medical advice for tracking pathologies.

- Annual report of activities undertaken.


- Types of health screenings:

• Before admission

• New admissions or after assignment to tasks with new health risks

• On return after long health-related absences.

• -Periodical screening. .
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